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Laptop Repairs

At Laptop Repairs Romford we repair all makes and models of laptops, netbook including Apple, Acer, Asus, Dell, HP, Lenovo, Microsoft, MSI or Samsung.Have you got problems with your operating systems or do need it updated so it runs better?

Laptop Repairs

 Speed Up Your Laptop

 Romford Laptop Repairs recommend upgrading your laptop hard drive to a SSD this will increase you laptop speed saving you the expense of buying a new laptop . We can replace all laptop and notebook broken screens and can update or reinstall any Operating system.


Laptop and Macbook Screen Replacement

Have you broken your laptop or netbook screen
Smashed your Apple macbook pro or air screen Laptop Repairs Romford is here to fix them for you them for you at affordable prices
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Malware / Virus and Spyware.


Have you ever wondered how people are misled by scammers into letting them onto their computers? Have you ever had a phone call claiming that they are your internet supplier?

How many of you have had a phone call from people saying they are from Microsoft that you where not expecting?

The majority of internet providers or Microsoft do not call you; if they do they will use your full name and something from your account details (exactly the same as your bank would do)  to prove they are genuine.

Scammers call unsuspecting people telling them that are Internet support team and their computer is causing problems on the network that they are using. One of the worst cases of this type of fraud was a woman who was called by a person pretending to be from BT saying they were setting up a new security system and they told the woman that her bank accounts had been compromised .She then put on a program that allowed them to access her computer using remote access allowing them to move all her savings from her bank accounts. This is one of the worst types of scam but people let scammers onto their computers.

We have had customers who have had calls telling them that their computers are running slow (which most computers do as they get older) and have not had any computer engineer look at them for a long period of time. It is not only the elderly or vulnerable that fall for these scams as they are very convincing, persistent and have had a lot of practice.

They get you to check your computer telling you to look at files that you will not understand and should never see telling you that you machine is causing problems on the network, has been hacked and you have a virus or malware. Then they will ask you to download a program to allow them remote access to your machine. They will use this program to either lock you machine and demand money to unlock your machine so you can use it again. This is called Ransomware and they can put any amount of spyware onto your computer.

Another common scam at the moment is a Amazon prime scam which the scammers tell you that you have been signed up to a Amazon Prime or other  subscription and to you then are asked to go through a few procedures then you will be asked for a fill out online form. By filling in this online form you will allow these scammers to gain access to your bank accounts. For more information please read this article: https://www.actionfraud.police.uk/news/the-amazon-prime-scam-that-has-cost-victims-over-1m  as this is only one of a lot of scams that are happening on the internet at present and I am afraid that this type of scam will only get worse.

If any of these has happened to you or any of your family firstly call your bank report the incident then change all your passwords on your computer then go to https://www.actionfraud.police.uk/                     Or call them on 0300 123 2040 and report the scam to them.

If anyone calls you saying they are from any company or internet supplier be safe and just put the phone down on them. Do not allow anyone to have remote access to your computer and never give any of your passwords to anyone who calls you.


If you do not have anyone who is not tech savvy then get Laptop Repairs Romford  to check out your machine for you and remove all spyware, malware or virus that you may have on your laptop or computer.

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